Phosphoric Acid 75% FCC Grade

Wintersun code:16-009
CAS Number:7664-38-2
Molecular Formula:H3PO4
Molecular Weight:97.99


Acidulation of soft drinks, particularly cola. Manufacture of cottage and processed cheese, fats, shortenings; ph control in manufacture of imitation jellies; nutrient in production of yeast; control of bacteria growth in selected processed foods; flocculating agent for clarification of sugar juices after liming process. Manufacture of phosphate salts.

Food Grade, 75% Min

Wintesun Code: 16-009

Sales Specification

H3PO4: 75% Min
Arsenic as As: 0.00005% Max
Fluoride as F: 0.001% Max
H3PO3: 0.012% Max
Heavy Metal as Pb: 0.0005% Max
P2O5: 54.0% Min
SO4: 0.0025% Max
Cl: 0.0003% Max
Fe:0.001% Max


In 650 LB Drum/ 4 Drum per pallet
In 3400 LB Tote


Proper Shipping Name: Phosphoric Acid
UN Number: 1805
Hazard Class: 8
Packing Group: III