Hydrochloric Acid ( Muriatic Acid )

Wintersun code:08-022
CAS Number:7647-01-0
Molecular Formula:HCl

Sales Specification

Total Acidity (HCL) (% By mass): 33.00 Min.
Iron (Fe), ppm: 5.00 Max.
Sulphite (SO2)(% by ,mass): 0.0
Free Chlorine; ppm: 50.00 Max
Heavy Metal (Pb) ppm: 0.0
Heavy Metal (Hg), ppm: 0.0
Specific Gravity at30oC: 1.165 Min.
Hydrofluoric acid; ppm: 0.0
Organics; ppm: 5.0 Max.


Hydrochloric acid is used in acidizing petroleum wells, industrial acidizing, pH control (water treatment), water softening, boiler scale removal, ore reduction, pickling and metal cleaning, general cleaning, leather deliming/ tanning agent, textile scouring agent, neutralization of alkaline products, waste materials, and as a chemical intermediate, an acid, and a buffer.


In 551.15 LB or 500lb drum, 4 drums per pallet
In 2425.06 lb or 2659.25 lb tote 


Proper Shipping Name: Hydrochloric Acid, Solution
UN No: 1789
Hazard Class: 8
Packing Group: II